Measurer API Overview

The measurement and metrics API contains three different concepts:


Use the configuration CRUD to control the measurement logic.
It allows to specify the parameters for a measurement:

  • Sample size: The number of samples to take for each measurement.
  • Sample strategy: The strategy to use to take the samples. Currently either random or newest. The random strategy will take random samples from the data, while the newest strategy will take the newest samples.
  • Frequency: The frequency of the running a new measurement operation. Currently either manual, daily, weekly or monthly. The manual frequency will require the user to manually start the measurement operation. The daily frequency will run the measurement operation once a day. The weekly frequency will run the measurement operation once a week. The monthly frequency will run the measurement operation once a month.

Measurement Operations

An operation tracks the state of a measurement. It contains the following fields:

  • IDs
  • Timestamp
  • State
  • Type

The API allows CRUD actions on these operations.
To start a new measurement, we have to create a new operation with the defined type. Currently only app_measurements is supported. Check out project measurements for more information.

Measurement Results (Metrics)

After the operation is finished, the results will be stored in a database. The results will be automatically visualized in the UI statistics page.
The API ( Get measurements for the given app_id ) allows to retrieve the results of a measurement operation.