The job object

Every time super.AI receives a new job, we create a job object that contains details about the job, including the job ID. You will receive this object in your callbacks or when you retrieve, cancel, or restart a job through the super.AI API.


Job object and job output

The job object does not contain the job's output data. In order to retrieve a job output, you need to use the retrieve a job output endpoint or retrieve all information on multiple jobs endpoint.

Job object attributes

idstringJob identifier, corresponding to its identifier in the Data point column of your project's work queue in the super.AI dashboard
completedISO 8601 dateUTC timestamp of job completion (or when the job failed or was cancelled). Only available upon job completion.
createdISO 8601 dateUTC timestamp of job creation
callbackUrlstringURL set to be POSTed with the results of this job. See the callbacks section for more information.
appIdstringUnique identifier of the data program for which this job was created
statusstringCurrent status of the job: either SCHEDULED, IN_PROGRESS, FAILED, SUSPENDED, CANCELED, EXPIRED, or COMPLETED
inputobjectJSON containing the job input. The structure used here is defined by the project type.
metadataobjectManually set key-value pairs used to decorate the job. Useful for storing additional information not provided by default, such as IDs used in external databases.
tagsarray of stringsManually set text tags that allow you to label and group your data points for later reference. In the dashboard, you can filter and download your data points by tag.
uuidstringA universally unique identifier for the job
correctbooleanWhether the job output has been marked as correct or not
jobTypestringWhether the job is an onboarding job, a calibration job to calculate pricing and performance, or a regular job
batchIdstringJob batch identifier. Any jobs you create with a single request are grouped into a batch.
  "id": "1234567",
  "completed": "2020-02-12T13:41:41.695000+00:00",
  "created": "2020-02-12T13:27:03+00:00",
  "callbackUrl": null,
  "appId": "123abc45-6789-01de-f2g3-45h67ijk8901",
  "status": "COMPLETED",
  "input": {
    "image_url": "data://12345/images/dogs/poodles/pink-poodle.jpeg"
  "metadata": null,
  "tags": ["poodle", "pink"],
  "uuid": "1a23bc4d-ef56-7g89-0h12-i23456jk78l9",
  "correct": true,
  "baselineId": 123456,
  "jobType": "DEFAULT"