Super.AI Documentation

Welcome to super.AI. Our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution allows you to extract data from complex business documents with guaranteed quality. This documentation offers guidance, information, and tutorials for using our General Document Processor (GDP) product.

Quick Start

For guidance about how to use our documentation, check out the Quick Start Overview. To start processing documents on our platform fast, head to the GDP Quick Start Guide.

Start here if you're new to the super.AI platform or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Useful Docs šŸ”—
ā†— Quick Start Overview
ā†— GDP Quick Start Guide

New User Guides

New User Guides offer detailed tutorials for users getting started on our platform.

They address key problems and use cases, and are a step up from our Quick Start documentation.

Useful Docs šŸ”—
ā†— Uploading Data
ā†— Managing Collaborators
ā†— Managing Workers
ā†— Collaborator & Worker Roles
ā†— Managing Extracted Data
ā†— Downloading Data

Advanced User Guides

Advanced User Guides provide in-depth tutorials for experienced users of our platform.

These guides delve into complex scenarios and use cases, and are a step up from our New User Guides.

Useful Docs šŸ”—
ā†— Advanced Project Settings
ā†— Super.AI API 101
ā†— Human Review (HITL)
ā†— Integrations
ā†— Table Data Extraction
ā†— Security & Privacy

API Reference

The API reference is your technical guide to the super.AI API. It details the API endpoints, parameters, errors, etc.

These materials require advanced understanding of the super.AI platform.

Useful Docs šŸ”—
ā†— Super.AI API Introduction


Find answers to common questions users have about the super.AI platform. Questions are grouped in categories to help you find the answers you need fast.

Useful Links šŸ”—
ā†— Document Processing
ā†— Accuracy & Speed
ā†— Batch Processing