How to invite collaborators to help on your project

You can add users to a project as admins to control all aspects of a project or as members to help oversee operations. An overview of what each role is allowed to do is available on our User permissions page.

Every admin and member requires a super.AI account. Any project they have been invited to will appear in their dashboard alongside any of their own projects.


Collaborators cannot label or review data points

Admins and members are for managerial tasks such as adding data points to the project, managing team members, viewing statistics, etc. Neither role can label or review data points. If you want to add labelers and reviewers to a project, you need to invite them as workers.

See an overview of User permissions.

  1. Head to your super.AI dashboard
  2. Open the relevant project
  3. Click on Collaborators in the left-hand menu
  4. Click Invite people
  5. Enter the email addresses of those you want to invite. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with commas, spaces, or new lines.
  6. Choose the desired role (admin or member)
    • Full details on each role’s permissions are found on our User permissions page

How to inactivate and and delete users

Once you’ve added people to your project, you can view them in the Collaborators section of your project. From the Collaborators page, you can control access:

  • Temporarily inactivate any user’s access to the project at any time by toggling the switch in the Activated column in the table of users
  • Permanently remove a user from the project by clicking Delete