Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Learn about everything related to service level agreements (SLA) for the super.AI platform.

For super.AI the performance of our platform is of paramount priority. As a customer obsessed company the availability, reliability, and scalability are central to our daily routines and operations. Below we summarize everything related to our service level agreements (SLA).

Super.AI leverages public cloud offerings and is based on state-of-art technology to provide their services. Systems are designed with security and reliability in mind.

The technology stack is comprised of microservices and provisioned as Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) - leveraging Kubernetes, Terraform and a CI/CD pipeline. Applying these concepts enables us to provide a highly scalable and reliable platform to our customers.


Our platform's reliability is designed for 99.9% uptime. The workloads of our customers are business critical thus uptime is one of the most important metrics that guides us.

In addition, we perform regular backups of the entire platform and our IaaC approach enables us to do Disaster Recovery in the shortest amount of time. Having said that, we have lost zero data since 2019.

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Our system is built for scalability from the ground up and we offer processing times across data types that meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Document: 90% of documents in under 3 minutes (in fact, most documents are processed in 2 minutes or less)

Enterprise Grade SLA

For customers who require a contractual guarantee of super.AI's platform reliability can opt for a dedicated SLA addendum to their contract. Support and SLA options are available for purchase in multiple tiers with respect to support hours and response time.

In case you have more questions regarding super.AI's SLAs we recommend to get a quote for your businesses needs.