Downloading Extracted Data (API)

Learn how to download extracted data in JSON (and CSV) format with the super.AI platform via the API.

JSON output

Step 1: To get started, use the following API call:


Step 2: Next, an operation ID will be returned:

{operationId: 12345678}

Step 3: The operation ID can be used to check if the data is ready to be downloaded with the following API call:{{app_UUID}}/{{operation_ID}}

Step 4: In the response to that call, there is a field called status. It needs to be in completed state to download the data, for example:

    "id": 12345678,
    "appUuid": "{{app_uuid}}",
    "created": "2023-08-07T08:56:19.711000+00:00",
    "started": "2023-08-07T08:56:19.765000+00:00",
    "completed": "2023-08-07T08:56:21.665000+00:00",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "type": "DOWNLOAD",
    "jobUuid": null

Step 5: To get the URL, call this endpoint:


Step 6: The response it will look something like this:

    "downloadUrl": ""

Step 7: And that URL can be used for around 5 minutes to download a zip file. That zip will contain the formatted/enriched JSON output.

CSV output

To download the output in CSV instead of JSON format, add &csv=true to the POST request in Step 1.