Getting Started: Introduction

Welcome to super.AI. We provide a platform for unstructured data processing by leveraging AI, traditional software functions and humans in the loop (HITL).

If you're new here, take a look at our getting started guides. You can always dive deeper with our how-to guides and concept pages or really get into the nuts and bolts with our API reference.

Our documentation is organized into four categories. Depending on where you are in your journey, different sections will be relevant to you.

  • Getting started: these tutorials take you by the hand and introduce you to our product. Start here if you're new to super.AI or unstructured data processing.

  • How-to guides: think of these as recipes. If you have an end goal in mind, we have a how-to guide to get you there. They address key problems and use cases. How-to guides are a step up from the getting started guides: they assume you have a goal and know at least a little about super.AI.

  • Concepts: here you'll find useful conceptual and explanatory material. This information is relatively high level and helps arrange the mental furniture of super.AI in your mind.

  • API reference: this is the technical reference guide to the super.AI API. It details the API endpoints, parameters, errors, etc. You will also find best practices and descriptions of how to use the API. The information in this section assumes a good understanding of super.AI.