Quick Start Overview

The Quick Start section of our documentation offers a fast way to access the information you need to get started with General Document Processor (GPD), super.AI's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product.

Note on super.AI Docs: Super.AI docs are organized into five categories. Depending on where you are in your journey, different sections will be relevant to you. Below you'll find brief descriptions of each documentation category and links to more information.

This is a quick start guide to get the most out of super.AI's General Document Processor (GDP) in the shortest amount of time. Start here if you're new to super.AI or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Our New User Guides offer detailed tutorials for new users of our platform. They address key problems and use cases, and are a step up from our Quick Start documentation.

Our Advanced User Guides provide in-depth tutorials for experienced users of our platform. These guides delve into complex scenarios and use cases, and are a step up from our New User Guides. They are designed to help you exploit the full potential of our platform.

This is the technical reference guide to the super.AI API. It details the API endpoints, parameters, errors, etc. You will also find best practices and descriptions of how to use the API. The information in this section assumes advanced understanding of the super.AI platform.

Find answers to common questions users have about the super.AI platform. Questions are grouped in categories to help you find the answers you need fast.