Secure Callbacks

Learn how to enhance the security of webhook calls using secure connection within the super.AI platform.

We understand the importance of security when it comes to handling callbacks from our platform. To help our customers secure their internal networks, we have implemented a fixed IP range for outgoing webhook calls. This feature enables customers to set up firewall rules, allowing incoming calls only from a specific set of IP addresses assigned to super.AI.

Security Concept: Fixed IP Range

A fixed IP range refers to a predefined set of IP addresses that are exclusively used for making outgoing webhook calls. By restricting the source IPs for webhook calls, customers can enhance the security of their internal networks and endpoints.

The benefits of using a fixed IP range for webhooks include:

  1. Increased security: By limiting the allowed IPs, you can reduce the attack surface of your infrastructure and minimize the risk of unauthorized access.
  2. Simplified firewall management: Knowing the specific IP range allows you to configure your firewall rules more efficiently, granting access only to trusted sources.
  3. Enhanced monitoring: With a known IP range, it is easier to monitor and analyze traffic logs for any unusual activity or potential security threats.

Configuring Firewall Rules

To take advantage of the fixed IP range for webhooks, customers should configure their internal firewalls to allow incoming calls from the specified IP addresses.

Here's an example of the information you'll need to configure your firewall:

  • IP Range: (This is an example; replace it with the actual IP range provided by the super.AI team)

Use this information to create an inbound rule in your firewall, allowing traffic from the specified IP range to the designated endpoints.

Please consult your firewall's documentation or seek assistance from your IT team for the specific steps to configure firewall rules based on your infrastructure.

By implementing a fixed IP range for webhooks, super.AI aims to provide customers with a secure and reliable solution for integrating our services. Configuring your firewall to allow incoming calls from our designated IP range will help you maintain the security of your internal networks and endpoints.