Collaborator & Worker Roles

Learn about the permissions for different collaborator and worker roles within the super.AI platform.

You can add people to your projects at any time to help out. Super.AI offers four user roles—admin, member, labeler, and reviewer—so you can set the user permissions that are required for each team member. Here’s a quick overview of what the four options available:

Collaborator Roles

  • Admin: all permissions, except for viewing, changing, and using project billing details
  • Instructor: more limited than admins, but can create tutorials and tests as well as manage data points, add AI models, and view most settings
  • Member: same permissions as an instructor, except they cannot create tutorials and tests

Worker Roles

  • Reviewer: can label and download data points, read and write messages, mark outputs and as correct or incorrect, and edit outputs
  • Labeler: can only label data points

Collaborators operate at the project level. Find out How to invite others to help on your project .

Workers are added at the account or organization level, then added to specific projects. Find out How to add and manage workers and worker groups.

Below, you can see a complete rundown of the permissions each user role offers. You can learn how to add and manage project reviewers and admins here.

Permission levelPermissionOwnerCollaborator adminCollaborator instructorCollaborator memberWorker reviewerWorker annotator
AccountView and change billing details
ProjectCreate project with the same billing details as an existing project
ProjectView team members
ProjectInvite and disable team members
ProjectInvite and disable workers
ProjectChange a team member's role
ProjectView the project's task design and instructions
ProjectRename the project
ProjectChange the project's task design and instructions
ProjectView the project project performance settings
ProjectChange the project performance settings
ProjectArchive the project
ProjectRead and write messages
ProjectAdd and remove AI
ProjectAdd and remove bots
ProjectCreate and manage labeler qualification tutorials and tests
Data pointUpload data points for processing
Data pointLabel data points
Data pointView data points
Data pointDownload data points
Data pointMark outputs as correct or incorrect
Data pointEdit outputs in the project dashboard
Data pointSend data points for relabeling
Data pointDelete data points or cancel processing
Ground truth dataUpload, view, and download ground truth data