Data point states

Throughout the super.AI data lifecycle, data points move through a variety of states. Depending on a data point’s current state, you can interact with it in different ways. The table below provides a brief description of, and shows which actions are possible during, each state.

Parking your data points

By default, data points are queued for processing when you create them. However, you have the option to park your data points at the time of creation. When a data point is parked, you have to manually queue it. This can be useful if you wish to submit a large number of data points but regulate how many are processed at a time (e.g., if you're evaluating output accuracy before a large number are processed).



Can queue

Can relabel

Can cancel

Can delete


The data point has been created but is waiting for you to queue it for processing


The data point will be processed as soon as there is capacity to do so

In progress

The data point is currently being processed

Ready to label

The data point is ready for you or anyone on your team to label


The data point has been processed and the output is available


Processing has been temporarily suspended (usually because user action is required)


Something went wrong and the data point was not successfully processed


The data point could not be successfully processed within the time limit set by the project type


You or a team member canceled the data point before it could be processed


You or a team member deleted the data point

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