Archive Project

Learn how to archive existing projects within the super.AI platform.

Archiving a project is a way of hiding a project from your dashboard's Projects list. Archived projects are hidden by default. You can show archived projects again by using the Show archived button. Archived projects can also be unarchived. You can only archive and unarchive a project if you are the project owner or admin.

When a project is archived, anyone with access to the project (including reviewers and labelers) can still view the project but cannot perform any actions—such as creating jobs and reviewing outputs. The owner or admins can unarchive a project at any time to again allow actions within the project.

Follow the steps below to archive a project.

  1. Head to your super.AI dashboard
  2. Select the projects you want to archive using the checkboxes on the left side of the projects list
  3. Open the Actions dropdown menu at the top right of the list
  4. Click Archive selected