Labeling Data

There are two scenarios where you can label data within a project:

  • You are the account owner
  • You have been invited to a project as a worker

Either way, the process for labeling data is the same.


Choose who processes your data

If you are the project owner, you need to choose who processes your data before you can begin labeling data yourself and inviting others to help out.

  1. Open up the super.AI dashboard
  2. Head to the relevant project
  3. Click Label myself in the top left
  4. The super.AI labeling interface will open in a new tab. Here, you can start labeling data points by selecting or inputting the relevant information. The nature of the interface will depend on the project type. See the section below for more information.
  5. When youโ€™re happy with the labels you added, you can click Submit to complete the data point and move on to the next

You can also click on any data point that is currently marked as In progress in the work queue

How to use the labeling interface

There are project-type specific guides for some labeling interfaces. Below is some general information relevant to most interfaces.



Tasks that you are working on in the labeling interface autosave after 5 seconds of inactivity to protect against lost progress. It's possible to disable this feature by expanding the Options menu and sliding the Save draft automatically toggle off.

At the top of the labeling user interface, you will see the name of the project that youโ€™re working on, as well as how many data points remain for you to label.

You can provide feedback on any data point by clicking Give feedback at the bottom of the interface. Once you do this, you have the option to select applicable feedback buttons. There is also a text input box that you can use to provide suggestions on how to improve the data point or the task itself.

If you are unable to complete the task for whatever reason, click Give feedback, then hit Unable to complete task? on the right side of the feedback section. You will see a text input box where you can provide further information on why the task is impossible. Once youโ€™ve entered your explanation you can hit Skip task.


No payment for skipped tasks

Skipping a task means you will not receive any payment for the task. However, it is still advised to skip impossible tasks, rather than label them incorrectly, as super.AI's quality assurance measures will penalize labelers that return incorrect answers.

You can exit the labeling interface and return to the super.AI dashboard at any time by hitting the back-facing arrow in the top-left corner of the screen.