Create New GDP Project

Learn how to create new General Document Processor (GDP) projects.

Create a data program

  1. Go to and create a new data project by clicking "try it out".
  2. Choose your workers for human-in-the-loop (HITL) task for both quality assurance and to train the AI models.
    Upon initial setup, always choose "me, or people that I invite" to process the data.
  3. Upload a file via an option that suits you best.
    Upon initial setup, only 1 file can be uploaded to the system - after the setup, multiple documents are allowed to upload.

create a project, choose workers and upload your first document

Choose Document Type

Choose desired Document Type for the list. In case your document type is not on the list, you want to choose “custom” and click "add document" to define fields to extract and their data types.


choose your document type with pre-defined fields, or customize your project

Create/edit fields

"Fields" refer to keys in key-value pairs, so the category of information that you want to extract.
You can edit pre-defined fields and define new ones.

By default, Name and Data Type are required to define a field. Here, the Name is free to choose and will create a unique ID automatically.

The Data Types are:

Data TypeDescription
StringA sequence of alphanumeric text or other symbols that can also contain spaces and numbers
IntegerWhole numbers, negative values are allowed
FloatA number that has a decimal place
BooleanRepresents logical value, can contain only two possible values: True or false.
DateValues of a calendar date in the format DD-MM-YYYY
TableA systematic arrangement of data in rows and columns (once a table is defined, all tables get detected automatically)
Single ChoiceChoose exactly one item from a list of several predefined alternatives that you define
Multiple ChoiceChoose items from a fixed number of alternatives that you define. Here, you define the number of maximum selections

And you can mark the fields as required fields, and whether they require an annotation (by default, they do).

If you want to change existing fields, you can do so using the edit option. You can further delete or deactive fields.


create and edit fields to extract

Process Document

Click "Next" to start processing the first document based on your settings.

You can either wait or "Skip to the dashboard" to proceed.