Create New Project

Learn what projects are and how to create new ones within the super.AI platform.

What is a project?

A project is a data program that you have set up to your requirements. It takes Input data that you provide and processes it to provide an output which you can use to train your models or push straight into your production environment.

How to create a project


Super.AI account required

To create a project, you need a super.AI account. If you do not have a super.AI account, you will need to organize a call with one of our in-house experts, who will help figure out your needs and get you started.

You can create a new project at any time by heading to your super.AI dashboard and clicking New project in the top-left corner. You’ll be taken to the product section of our site, where you can browse our available project types or use the search to return relevant results. When you find a project type that you like, you can click Try it out to begin the process of customizing the project to your needs.


The setup process will walk you through the configuration of your new project.

First time?

If you’ve not set up a project before, follow our Getting started with super.AI guide.

What's next

Get your project moving by adding ground truth and submitting data points for processing. The first 100 data points are free, then you can take a look at your custom pricing options.