How to get started with the General Document Processor

The General Document Processor is Super.AI's new Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that can process 100% of even the most complex documents, incl. key-value pairs, tables, stamps, signatures, and selection marks.

Processing structured documents and 60-80% of invoices is easy. However, processing the long tail of invoices from smaller vendors, unstructured documents such as contracts, and documents with signatures, stamps, and handwritten notes is really hard.

Super.IDP excels where traditional solutions fail. It offers out-of-the-box solutions for constantly changing document layouts as well as complex documents. Super.IDP uniquely allows enterprises to extract 100% of their desired fields from the start.

Customers use this one data program to extract information from a range of different document types, including but not limited to Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills of Lading, Customer Complaints, Proof of Deliveries, Claims, Customs Forms, Utility Bills, IDs, Material Certificates, and Freight Reports.